Thursday, September 30, 2010


Josie tried to sneak a nibble of Leona's teething toy...she almost had it!

Josie is back, hurrah!

Josie spent the weekend at Grandma and Grandpa M's place while we were upstate.  She loves it there and never wants to come home, but we are sure happy when she is back. It doesn't feel like home without her.


 Leona obviously loves sweet potatoes. Sort of.


This Saturday after attending Melinda's lovely baby shower LB and I headed up to New Paltz to see Angela's baby bump one last time before her due date. Only 2 weeks to go! Melinda still has about a month...we're so excited to meet both little ones. And to make the day even more rad Nanda was in NY and took the trip upstate with us. Leona and I had tons of fun. Sadly Anthony had to work but it was so nice to spend time with the girls.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

She's getting the hang of it

Using a spoon, that is. She's a natural.

Fall fashions

We bought little LB a fall jacket and hat this week along with some long-sleeved onesies to get ready for the chilly fall weather. We had a fashion show this morning while she was still in her PJs.

Baby Food

I used my lovely birthday presents this morning and froze some pea puree, yum. I actually attempted to tempt Leona with it but she wasn't interested. So it looks like we'll follow the doctor's orders and stick with rice cereal this week, then try sweet potatoes next. We'll see, I really hope she likes veggies so there will be at least two of us in this house that eat them. :)

6 months!

Leona Belle is officially 6 months old, hurray! She celebrated her half birthday yesterday (on her Grandma M.'s birthday!) Anthony took her in for her 6-month check up and she is 16.5lb, 27.25", and doing great. And this means we get to start introducing her to solid foods, hurray! I'm so excited. We are starting with the rice cereal this week and it's going well so far. I don't know if she likes it but she is making a mess and we're having fun. :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Leona Loves her Auntie

Queens Farm Museum

After naptime we headed out to Floral Park to check out the Queens Farm Museum. It was pretty cool, they had chickens, ducks, a cow, peacocks, goats, and a corn maze that will open later in the fall. I would definitely go back there—it seems like a great place to bring a toddler. Amy, LB, and I just walked around in the sun to check out the grounds and spent some time in their little gift shop. It was a fun visit. Now since Anthony is working tonight we ordered Indian food, hurrah!

Central Park

Today we headed out early and spent the morning in Central Park. Anthony had to go to work so we drove in with him around 7 and brought lady Josephine with us. We had a nice leasurely walk down by the boat house, bow bridge, and through the rambles. It was the same walk that Anthony and I took with my mom when I was 40+ weeks pregnant! Leona slept through most of it but Josie had a great time. She must have met at least 20 other dogs. None were quite as cute as she is! Then we headed back and said bye to Leona's daddy at the firehouse. Anthony got to introduce his little girl to the other firemen and we waved as they drove the engine down the street.

Bronx Zoo B-day

Yesterday I had the best birthday ever! We spent the day at the Bronx Zoo. Finally the humidity lifted a bit and the weather was perfect. I was super excited to show Leona the penguins but they were missing! We found their enclosure and it was empty, very odd. We did see the new Madagascar exhibit and the Congo of course. Later that night we had a lovely dinner at DaFranco's downstairs. Leona slept through the whole dinner even though there was a huge table of Spanish ladies drinking and taking pictures of each other. We ended the evening with Titanic and some wine, it was wonderful. My first birthday as a mommy was a great one!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Great Day at the Botanical Garden

Amy and I took Leona to the NY Botanical Gardens in the Bronx today. It was an adventure getting there but when we finally did it was a great place to stroll around and relax. We saw lots of plants, butterflies, birds, and a bunch of black squirrels. It was lovely. On the way in I was poking fun of the trolley that drove all the lazy people around then after about an hour of walking we got on it. :) I didn't realize how massive that place is!

New York Botanical Gardens

Auntie Amy is here!

Amy helped give Leona a bath on her first night here after spending the whole day taking care of her. And that was after the red-eye from Oregon! Thanks Auntie Amy! You're the best!