Monday, January 31, 2011

Baby Jail!

Leona Belle is moving around alot lately, so we are using Josie's dog pen to keep her contained. Obviously she isn't happy with this, and it looks like she may be eyeing a potential escape route with her peripherals!

Pastina Party!

Well, we finally took Grandma M.'s advice and fed Leona Belle some pastina (which, btw, is a small, star-shaped pasta). As you can see, everything went according to plan!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Double Trouble

Now that LB is fast as lightening she is getting into all sorts of stuff. And she has a partner in crime.

Finger Foods!

Leona is pretty tired of purees, she is really only interested in finger foods these days. I've taken to giving her shredded cheese because it's cute to watch her picking up the tiny pieces and stare at them before eating them. Please ignore her nap hair.

Oh my!

Now that the little one is on the move it's hard to keep up! Here are pictures that I meant to post earlier, this is Leona's first time at the Pacific Ocean! This was during the holiday break, and thanks to cousin Reagan for letting us borrow such a cute snowsuit. :) It was chilly willy and super fun!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

We're in trouble!

Our little biscuit is officially on the move.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Highlights from Oregon

Sadly LB came down with a fever once we got to Oregon so she was pretty cranky and feverish for a lot of the time. There were plenty of happy moments though, and it was great to be with my family! Of course she was spoiled with more great gifts, and by this time I think she was getting the hang of it. Not really, she just wanted to chew on wrapping paper.

Trip to Oregon

Leona and I flew out to Oregon on Christmas day and she was such a trooper. The first flight to Chicago was a little rough, she cried for about half of it but slept the rest of the way. Then we had 4 hours to hang out in the Chicago airport so we set up a little picnic next to a big window and watched the airplanes. It was actually pretty fun, she loved standing against the huge window and looking out. The 2nd flight was much easier than I thought it would be, she slept at take off and landing and the rest of the time she was pretty happy. She smiled and waved at everyone around her and kept trying to hold hands with the guy we sat next to. He was a dad of a couple teenagers who were also on the plane so I think he was getting a kick out of it, thank goodness. All in all I was so scared of that day and it turned out so well, and we were lucky to get out of NY before the blizzard! Anthony wasn't so lucky but he made it out and joined us eventually.

Christmas Eve

Leona had a super awesome time on Christmas Eve, first she helped me make some red velvet whoopie pies. I tried to take pictures as we were cooking them but the pictures look kind of gross so I'll spare you. Then we headed out to celebrate with the Mastropietros in Long Island and ate some delicious raviolis and opened gifts. (With Josie's help, of course.) Next we headed home to get LB in her jammies and she opened the little presents from her mama and papa. Nothing too big, we just wrapped a couple new books and a toy remote control since she loves the tv remote so much. Then once she was sound asleep we tucked her in the car seat and headed out to the almost midnight mass. She was quiet as a mouse through the whole service and only opened her eyes when everyone would rise to sing. Such a wonderful day!

Baby's first christmas

Here are a couple shots of our little cutie on Christmas eve just before we headed out to celebrate with Anthony's family. Isn't she too cute in her little dress?