Wednesday, October 17, 2012

All caught up!

I think we're about all caught up on all the fun we had this summer! Hope everyone's summer was wonderful, too.

Playground fun!

I think we were at this playground down by the water almost every weekend this summer! LB loves it there, except for the bees.

Queens Zoo

Here is LB with her friend Ben at the petting zoo.

Hershey Park

We took a little road trip to Hershey to celebrate the last weekend of summer!

Natural History Museum

Here are a few pictures from our little trip to the Natural History Museum this summer.  There wasn't quite enough stuff for LB to touch and play with, but I think she enjoyed seeing the big dioramas! Then we did a little walk through Central Park to find a playground so she could blow off some steam.

Not so sure about the Carousel

Leona wasn't sure what was going on here but once the Carousel started moving I think she had fun. Especially when we finished the day with cotton candy.

Long Island Children's Museum

One weekend Anthony and I took LB to the LI Children's Museum. That place was amazing I would definitely go back! She especially loved the bubble room.

BIg girl bed!

The biggest change that happened this summer was converting the crib to a big girl bed! The only hard part is getting her to stay in it. We hear her stomping over to our bed a few times a night and one of us has to walk her back and tuck her in.


One of my work friends gave us this indoor tent that Leona loves. Some weekends we set it up in the living room so we can play in there. If we leave it up over night Josie sleeps in there.

Summer Treats

Leona and I ate a lot of icees, ice cream, and frozen yogurt this summer. She has a sweet tooth just like her mama.

Josie is 4!

Our first baby turned four this summer and we celebrated with Anthony's special peanut butter b-day cake.

Lido Beach

More summer fun at the beach! Zooey Deschanel would be jealous of these bangs.

Sesame Place

Here are a few pictures from our weekend trip to Phillie back in May. We took our little grouch to meet Oscar the grouch at Sesame Place. The sweetest moment for me was seeing her run towards Ernie with her arms out for a hug

Summer Fun - Branson

We spent a week with Grandma and Grandpa Ward this summer in Branson, Missouri. It seems Leona spent most of the time in the water, and Anthony and I spent most of the time playing Super Mario Brothers. The only thing missing was Amy and Andrea!

We're back!

Hey everybody! Life with L Belle has been really fun and super busy. I'm going to have to figure out how to post from my phone so I can keep the blog up to date! It seems we are out and about a lot more these days. This is a really fun age, my favorite so far! She is so brave and open to new adventures.

Here is the little miss at two and a half. She loves applesauce, Josie, spongebob squarepants, balloons, and bubbles. She hates have her hair brushed.