Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love Bug

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day! Ours was super, we made little valentines and brownies for Anthony and Leona got a very sweet teddy bear from Grandma M. Sadly we didn't take any pictures of her little V-day outfit, so this is from today. Here is the little miss rocking Justin Bieber hair.

It's only 1 month until Leona's first birthday! Can you even believe it?!?

Here are a few things we've learned about her so far...

Leona likes: waving, clapping, drinking bathwater, feeding Josie her snacks, and seeing her daddy walk down the stairs in the morning.

Leona dislikes: having her face washed, and her hair combed, pureed peas, and getting into her pj's after bath time.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Anthony and I are back on the house hunt so we've been spending our weekends checking out houses. The best part is that Leona gets to spend quality time with her Grandma and Grandpa M. We tried bringing her with us but she didn't love getting in and out of the car seat over and over again, it made her cranky. Here she is saying goodbye to Grandma yesterday afternoon.

Horsing around

Leona loves to be upside-down. Maybe she'll be a trapeze artist one day. Here she is horsing around with her papa on Saturday morning. I guess we hang out in our jammies a lot.


Josie and Leona have become pretty good buds lately. Whatever Josie plays with Leona wants to play with too, and vice versa. We've been really impressed with how gentle Josie usually is with Leona (she sometimes gets too playful but we're able to calm her down quickly.) Leona likes to feed Josie part of every meal, and that goes over really well. It seems like they have gone from just coexisting to actually interacting with each other, and it's super sweet to watch.

New Ride

Here's Leona riding her little car that was a Christmas present from Auntie Amy. It has great room for storage in the front. :)

New Nursery

As most of you know we were having some serious sleep issues last month. Ever since coming home from Oregon Leona had been refusing to sleep in the crib, she only wanted to sleep in bed with us. Sweet as it seemed at first we were soon a very cranky family, none of us were sleeping well. Our bed just wasn't big enough for 3 people and a dog. We were nearing the end of our ropes and our doctor recommended that we move Leona out of our room. SO what started out as a joke actually happened...we moved Leona to my closet! I wasn't going to post these pictures at first because I felt guilty about it but it has worked out shockingly well. For the past couple of years I'd been using the walk-in closet as a storage space/ we moved all of the camping gear and empty boxes out of there and decorated it for Leona. Now she has been sleeping in her own bed for over a week and it is heaven! She's actually sleeping from about 10 until 7, only waking up a couple times and is doing really well at self soothing. We just go in and give her a little hug and back rub if she cries, then she goes right back to sleep. It's her first official bedroom, and she seems to like it. Hurray!