Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just Chillin

The wait is on! Leona was officially due yesterday so we're just hanging out and waiting for her arrival now. Woo-hoo! So far no contractions but she has been kicking and rolling around in there. I imagine she will want to make a grand entrance, so maybe she'll hold out until Oscar night. Today was pretty productive, I finished my wedding album and we watched Rent the movie. :) Mom is busy making some crazy casserole and Josie is barking at her to try to get her to play instead.
Here's a picture from earlier today, Josie is taking a little nap on my gigantic, swollen feet.


  1. Very funny shot! We are all wondering when the big moment will come! I remember what that last week of Nicole being pregnant was like. A very long week!

  2. Aw, great shot! I got a text at 5 am yesterday, and fell out of bed with excitement thinking it was Leona news -too bad it was not nearly as exciting news. We're waiting right along with you... give me a call if you need some distraction! xoxo