Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nursery Mural!

Last weekend after a lovely brunch at Melinda and JJ's (thanks for having us over, guys!) Jen and I headed back to work on the baby mural. At first I was afraid that the paint colors we picked out were too subtle, but they turned out to be just right. We got a late start but the painting went so quickly, and was really fun! Thank you Jen!
Here is a picture of the wall before:

Anthony took these pictures of me and Jen painting in cute aprons and damp socks. (It was a blustery day!)

And ta-daaaa!!! Below is the after picture! Our lovely birch forest is almost complete! The only thing left is to add some woodland creatures. We're going to paint in a few birds, squirrels, and maybe Jen will hide a little bunny in there to represent lady Josephine! I'll post pics once that's done (and soon we'll have a little crib to put in the forest, yay!)


  1. April & Jen that is the most stylin forest ever! What a lucky girl little LB is to have you both. I think she will have some serious artistic talents. Nature vs. nurture, you have both sides covered! xoxo Mom

  2. the forest looks amazing!! baby leona is going to love it!

  3. Wow, it came out awesome! Nice job ladies!

  4. Will you come do this to my bedroom too?!

  5. Very nice work ladies! I wish you and Anthony (and Leonabelle) all the best! I know you will make great parents. Stan